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Flickr provides the holding pen for the umpteen gazillion images you see here.

The current version of Lesbian Dad is run on WordPress version 3.2.1.  A failed update to 3.2.1 borked the previous site design mid-August 2011 and occasioned this current revamp, engineered by Dresden and L.J. at Plaid House Designs. It’s the Canvas theme by Woo, and it’s as fun to tinker with as my kids’ Kapla blocks.

The previous site design used 3K2 Redux klein template by Headsetoptions, (header provided here in a link, as soon as I can dig it out of the recesses of the site files) revised ultimately by Kemi at  Poles Apart Design, back in July 2008.

A still older version of Lesbian Dad — here’s the header, for nostalgics — was run on WordPress 2.1-something, using the K2Beta Two r167 template. Yrs truly (LD) did the mod, whatever modding there was. With some file wrangling help from the Know-It-All-Brother-In-Law.

The whole redesign to LD 2.0 has been made possible by the generous support of longtime friend (and frequent commenter) annz. Frankly, the relatively typo-free nature of most of the posts is thanks to her eagle eye, too. I’ve loved her for years & years.

Finally, I must say that the quality of a great number of the blog posts themselves is due in large part to my longsuffering beloved, who all too frequently concedes to being guinea pig/critic before I hit “publish.” We don’t want to know how treacly or redundant this stuff would be without her. I’ve loved her forever and expect to into perpetuity.

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