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Yer daily dose of Kate: From the Courthouse

As you know, from time to time I can’t resist passing along to you, whole cloth, the emails I get in my inbox from folks like Kate Kendell.  So, here’s her missive summing up yesterday’s historic closing arguments in the Prop 8 trial, and NCLR’s coverage of it. You can find this whole thing also on her blog at NCLR, Out for Justice. I wasn’t able to be outside the courtroom or at the press conference afterward, and was only able to piece together events of the day toward the close of it, via her (and a raft of other smart people’s) live Tweets. Very compelling stuff.  (Some gems of hers here, here, and here. “SO” being short for “sexual orientation.” And Cooper’s the pro-Prop 8 attorney, by the way. Not his finest day in court, by all accounts. Nic Nolte baked out of his brains and his hair straggling in 360 directions — picture the mug shot! — would probably have done a better job. Not like I’m complaining.)

My favorite, probably, among so much news of that day: both Boies and Olson said, in the press conference afterward, that this has been “the most important case of their lives.”  Yes, that Boies and Olson. The they fought over who got to be the 43rd President of the United States Boies and Olson.

Many have said — history has shown — that the brilliance of the reasoning on behalf of justice is not what determines whether and when it is administered. True enough. But damn, it’s nice to hear how hammer-loud and how clarion-clear its bell was rung yesterday.

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