Welcome to Banned Books Week!

Banned Books Week started on Saturday, and this year I’m celebrating it properly!  Every day this week I’m going to post something supporting the theme as it relates to books for and about our kids. “Our” here meaning LGBT families, immediate and extended, as well as our allies.

Today I’m reposting a list of LGBT-themed books that have been challenged or banned recently, compiled by the National Coalition Against Censorship’s Kids’ Right to Read Project.

Tomorrow, I’ll convey my home-spun taxonomy of  literature for young children which features or includes LGBT family diversity. By “literature for young children,” by the way, I mean titles intended for use in preschool and Kindergarten through third grade, for the most part, and to a lesser degree for older elementary grades.  Books for middle schoolers and high schoolers (the “young adult” or YA titles) cover similar themes way differently, and also cover whole additional themes of self-discovery. Most pointedly, they often take on bias and bigotry directly — something that younger kids may well not yet have experienced, or comprehended if they have. Many parents are careful about when and how they introduce these notions to their kids — us included.

For the rest of the week (Tuesday through Friday) I’ll highlight some of my favorite books written for and about kids with LGBT parents, including books highlighting gender diversity, something many of us consider important, whether or not any of us is T.

I sincerely hope you folks will chime in with your — or your kids’ — own favorite titles. I’ll also provide Powell’s links to all the titles I can, to speed your getting them in your home, if your public library doesn’t have the book, or you’ve checked it out and want to have it for keeps in your family library.

Herewith, LGBT Book Bans and Challenges, excerpted from the NCAC Kids’ Right to Read Project:

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