Bee girl at rest


I ran into a friend today — Whitney, who with her homie Heather, is behind the Rookie Mom empire.  (Their blog & handbook are indispensable for not just rookie parents in search of ideas, but recidivist shut-ins like myself.) We were both grabbing some coffee before grocery shopping, our more portable (& not in preschool) youngins in tow.  She hepped me to the upcoming Bay Area pre-BlogHer conference meet-ups; we talked about our kids, our parenthoods, our bloggery.

I lamented that I hadn’t written a lot about the sweet details of family life lately. In fact, it feels like as soon as the contarned same-sex marriage battle heated up here, about a year ago, the sweet details of family life have become obscured by the fog of war.  I’m lucky if I wave it out of the way often enough to get a good look at anything else, sometimes. 

“I’d like to photograph the flowers outside the house,”  I told Whitney, about the direction this blog has taken, “but it feels like the house is on fire.”

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