It’s Lezzy VOTING time!

parenting-wedding-blogWe interrupt the delivery of actual content here to draw your attention to The Lezzys, by which I don’t mean the legions upon legions of us sisters of Sappho.  You are paying attention to one right this very minute, and you are at liberty to search out more of us wherever you like, whether on the world wide internets, the Lezzy-friendly cable network(s), or behind the wheel of that big brown UPS truck snaking its way through streets in your town, rain or shine.

No, The Lezzys I speak of here are the awards given to lesbo-authored blogs who have managed to cajole their friends, family, and readers into voting, daily, from today ’til next Wednesday (ending 6pm Pacific Daylight Time).  Now in its third year, The Lesbian Lifestyle-sponsored awards are now broken into a bunch of neat topical categories, and thanks to your kindly nominating, Lesbian Dad is among the finalists for Best Parenting/Wedding Blog!  This would give me unfettered joy, except my joy is fettered by the fact that a dear old chum’s blog, Up Popped a Fox, is also a finalist.  What are the chances?! Rounding out the Best Parenting/Wedding Blog line-up is Irreverent Mother.  I’m a big fan of irreverence wherever it crops up, so I have to be supportive of her, too.

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