Lesbian Dad

Little dickens

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It may be that she’ll forget he wasn’t always in our lives, sooner than it’ll take for us to make it through the last of the copious Post-Partum Dinner Brigade leftovers. But it’s heart-tugging to see all the

One nightstand

A guided tour of Baba’s nightstand, nearing the end of week one of kidling #2. Otherwise known as What’s Really On My Laptop. 1. Phone stand, empty due to the fact that the beloved is on the phone that it cradles, telling The Tale to yet another dear friend from

All baby action all week

Yeah, so I promised prose, but it’s clearly looking like all I can do this week is post baby pictures. Who can blame me? On him: hospital-issue onsie. On her: Mombian’s priceless “One of my moms is blogging this” t-shirt. [Am I the only one who’s reminded of this image

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