This swag functions primarily as lesfam propaganda, raising enough funds to cover the Café Press site, basically. Have at!

LD slogan mania (affixed to any number of items, click each link to see) is conveyed to your doorstep by the infinitely extensible swag repository known as CafePress.com, and at the moment includes:

Check back often as new earth-shattering captions and slogans occur to me (or you! see below!) and get emblazoned on yet more virtual goods.

Got something and want to share a picture of it in action? Send it to me or (if you have the know-how), paste it in a comment below!

It’s all sassy pro-lesbian, or pro-lesbian family, or pro-parental good humor sloganeering. All of which you would have been needing anyway, right?

page last updated: 03.17.09

Sloganeering suggestion box and photo gallery below, where it says “Leave a reply”

12 thoughts on “Swag”

  1. Okay, and next up, we have LD swag models #2 & 3. Gabriel’s shirt, in blue:

    And one I consider a personal favorite, the “I have absolutely no idea what this t-shirt says” slogan in action:

    Yes, he is in the middle of spitting some food out. Kind of goes with the que sera, sera attitude of the shirt, no?

    Did you buy any of this stuff? Send me a picture of it in action and it will become famous! Or at least readily accessible to anyone viewing this page!

  2. The accompanying note from ol’ pal AZ: “My coffee cup in action — the way I start every morning!”


    One of many reasons she’s an ol’ pal. (And a thrill-seeker! Check out the landing pad for the mug!)

  3. I stumbled upon your site tonight, apparently not wanting to go to bed quite yet, and the swag listings made me laugh heartily! Are you always this funny? (bookmark.)

  4. I wish. What we can say with certainty is that I’m in no danger of moving too fast. Your question was in late February, and I considered it really carefully and finally came up with a reply about four months later. Ahem.

  5. Here’s an overdue image of cutie-pie Gabriel (not related to Gabriel above):


    By now (photo was sent me in July last year), he may actually know what the t-shirt says. But still. How can you say no to that smile? You can’t.

  6. When my partner and I had our baby shower, we both wore our “I love hot moms” t-shirts. She also wore it at the hospital when I gave birth!

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