C is for Childhood, anointing purity thereof

Granddaughter holding grandfather, Hayward, CA.

A month’s daily output here has been dramatically interceded upon by a marked jolt to my Pops’ biographical timeline, in the form of another stroke. He has surprised us by being the proverbial Eveready bunny after past setbacks.

Not so, this time.

This afternoon, my daughter took his hand in hers (first holding it alongside my hand, and then taking it into both her own). For minutes upon minutes on end, she stroked the back of his hand, and then his forearm. Put her soft-soft nine-year-old girl cheek against his hand. All the while, smiling at him radiantly, deeply. As if she knew something he and I didn’t quite.  We both looked on in wonder.

(By way of explanation to the children: “Think of DadDad as a magnificent castle, and room by room –  sometimes a whole wing at a time –the lights are going out.”)

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Scientific method

Watching the kids rummage around our backyard this past Sunday as they tracked down a few dozen plastic candy-filled easter eggs put me to mind of my daughter’s insatiable and scientific curiosity, as witnessed in her science notebook.

Below are notations made by her sometime last year, ’round about two months after Easter. I think they speak quite well for themselves.



This year they found all but one egg. I quiver in anticipation.