Scientific method

Watching the kids rummage around our backyard this past Sunday as they tracked down a few dozen plastic candy-filled easter eggs put me to mind of my daughter’s insatiable and scientific curiosity, as witnessed in her science notebook.

Below are notations made by her sometime last year, ’round about two months after Easter. I think they speak quite well for themselves.



This year they found all but one egg. I quiver in anticipation.



4 thoughts on “Scientific method”

  1. My first reaction was that this is awesome! My second reaction is to ask: are you getting her okay before you share her stuff with the world like this? I think they’re both getting old enough (she is, especially) for you to be starting to think about consent and privacy, right? I know I was very private about what I wrote in my own notebooks as a kid, even stuff that might have seemed totally innocuous / not “personal” to a parent.

    • I totally agree with you. And yes. Also, they’re fewer and fewer, these sharings. But she thought this was funny (maybe because it was her as of last year, and it’s a worldly-wise gal looking back).

      You could sink a ship with the amount she writes (and now her brother) that we absolutely, positively, cannot even look at, much less read, much less share with anyone in front of her, much less share with folks at large on ye olde internet. I can only imagine the symphonies, epic poems, and scientific discoveries hidden therein. And that’s probably all I’ll ever get to do: imagine. 🙂

      • Awesome. 🙂 I remember that too, looking back on things from a year before and thinking “Ah, how silly I was then” at, like, age 10.

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