Late to the NaPhotoPoMo party

Afternoon stroll, Soda Springs, CA.

Who’s going to be a grown young man before I’m ready for it? He’s going to be a grown young man before I’m ready for it. Five, going on really no more than six, most days. Saints be praised.

And yes, I’m late to the NaPhotoPoMo party, but when should that stop a gal from coming to the party at all? NaPhotoPoMo meaning, to me, National Photo Posting Month, my variation on NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month.

I’ve been busy helping get this really fantastic online community Lesbian Family back in gear (which gear seems to be “high”!), and thus have left the light off over here for much longer than usual, even in my work-smacked heyday. Do accept my apologies. But better my blog silence be due to being happy-busy at a project at the epicenter of my passion and joy than due to being in an inconsolable stupor due to breath-knocked-out-didn’t-see-it-coming-job-loss, sez me. Which the silence, had it occurred a month or so earlier, could very well have been.

Interesting thing is, what I dove right into, when I no longer had a job to dive into every day and most weekends, was life with my kids again. Which I photographed.

So I have plenty of images to post here for the rest of the month. A documentary of the restoration of my daily hands-on family life, actually. Not sure if I’ll pull off doing two a day and thus, by the end of November, retroactively, sneaky-like, managing to have averaged out “a post a day,” the rallying cry of NaBloPoMo. Time will tell. Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.