Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 10.01.12


Ascending the ladder to the trapeze platform, Oakland, CA.

Her schoolchum (with whom she shares a desk in 3rd grade) held her birthday party at Trapeze Arts in Oakland, and basically wow. Oh, no, I wasn’t freaking out in the least. I was perfectly calm.

This ladder led to a platform on which the kids were hooked to safety ropes, then handed a trapeze bar and swung out into the open air. Those who could then hooked their knees on the bar, some even did a flip off the bar down to the net.

That ladder has 21 rungs; there’s a net under the platform, but it doesn’t to extend under the ladder so you best keep a steady grip.

“Were you scared to climb up there?” I asked, after her first go.

She looked at me and her eyes widened the merest bit before she gave a quick, short nod.

“It’s like 14 Uncle Curtis’ stacked on top of each other.* But it’s worth it. Once you get up there, you get to fly.”


*Her Uncle Curtis is the gold standard in tall, at 6’8″.

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