Still not too old for it


I’m perpetually bracing for the moment when she is, have been for coupla years now. Still: safe. Not for a whole lot longer, I fear, but she may well surprise me. She pretty much does daily.

Past swingery here.

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  1. Solitary Diner December 10, 2011 at #

    That is a fabulous picture!

    • Lesbian Dad December 10, 2011 at #

      Thanks! And you know what’s fun about it? Cameraphone! While panning.

      OK, it’s the schmanzy new lots of megapixels Apple jobbie, and I did a teensy bit of post-production on the tone once home. But really, hardly anything. Didn’t even crop. Which I shouldn’t brag about; plenty of hardcore photographers would NEVER crop, and look down their camera’s noses at any post-produciton manipulation. (What would Henri Cartier-Bresson think??)

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