Activity list (emergency for cabin fever.)


Activity list (emergencey for cabin fever.), Berkeley, CA.

My daughter drew this up, in preparation for a recent trip to either the moon, or some distant planet. We haven’t read Le Petit Prince recently; not sure how this space travel notion came to her. But a great, great many notions come to her via mechanisms I can only guess at.

I think this might come in handy for folks considering cabin fever over the Thanksgiving holiday. After they’ve thoroughly perused this fantastic resource from LGBT Map, my new organizational BFF: Talking About Overall Approaches for LGBT Equality. This clear, thoughtful “Talking About” series is of particular use for folks visiting relatives and trying (trying! trying!) to gently, persistently, open hearts and minds.

After that work, and in the event cabin fever sets in, you may want to consult to the above list. For those not familiar with my daughter’s handwriting, please allow me to transcribe.  Spelling left intact.  My favorites are #s 14 and 19, as you, my imaginary friends, might imagine. Item #23 is a sign that, after all, she is her mother’s daughter.

  1. do a puzle
  2. pictures + frames
  3. stone art
  4. leaf messages
  5. read (followed by cryptic symbol)
  6. write (followed by equally cryptic symbol)
  7. draw (followed by yet another equally cryptic symbol)
  8. have a snack
  9. arts and crafts
  10. build a bird nest
  11. build a bug house
  12. build a fairy house
  13. play with your friends
  14. play with your imagenary frinds
  15. have a bean club meeting
  16. doodle
  17. have a bare foot club meeting
  18. put up a new poster for all allert for vampires (yegods!)
  19. think
  20. take off to another country
  21. practice dribleing
  22. practice shooting (fairly certain she’s referring to hoops & b-ball here)
  23. write another list

7 thoughts on “Activity list (emergency for cabin fever.)”

  1. This list is amazing, and looks like something I would have written at her age. I have done so many of those things. Like you I love #14, and I also like #17. My friend (who was sitting next to me as I read the list, and is a fellow fairy house maker) and I would like to know what a bean club meeting is so that we can have one. 🙂

  2. I beg your pardon, but I am not imaginary.

    Also, I thought that the set of cryptic symbols looked like two sets of pointy teeth surrounding a tongue. When I got to # 18, I wondered if she had been reading, writing, and illustrating vampire stories.

  3. I read #2 AS “pictures of flames,” which sounds very cool, and like a great way to avoid cabin fever, but something I imagine Baba would NOT go for.

    • annz, I read #2 as “pictures + flames” and wondered if she was in the habit of burning her pictures, or simply enjoyed the light of a good conflagration by which to draw or paint. 🙂

      Hmm, either way I think this thread is certain to alarm her Baba.

  4. So right, Liza! That whole “imaginary friends inside the computer” thing is truly cheap slander, and something that shouldn’t be repeated, even for humor’s sake. Especially when, as I am happy to report in our case, an actual friendship, including shared meals and shared projects, was facilitated by the inside of the computer stuff!

    Thank you for deciphering the hieroglyphics! By Jove I think you could be right. Of course, we’ll never know from the author of this note. When I asked her about what the Bean Club was, I was summarily shut down (“Something you’ll never know, Baba.”)

    AnnZ as our beloved neighbor (just a flickering, airborne ember away!), I think we’re all glad I’m keeping a tight lid on any nascent pyro-curiosity. 🙂

  5. I loved this list so much it was worth trying to remember my login password to post a thank you. I mentioned it to my 8 year old boys in that offhand way as if I didn’t think it was all *that* great an idea to make a list of things to do if (if?! WHEN!) that day arrived when small humans declared that they might be B O R E D. Not that they ever are. And both paused a moment, thought and agreed that it might be a good idea. Yay.

    I am a sucker for #23.

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