Wordless Thursday

At The Palace (Hotel, that is), San Francisco, CA.


Wordless Wednesday passed, well, wordlessly.

This moment above lasted about a split second, as the girlie was cracking herself up and sticking her scarf in every imaginable position on her head (including covering it entirely). Speedy Baba had teacup in the left hand so’s to keep her camera at the ready in the right.

2 Responses to Wordless Thursday

  1. lizk June 23, 2011 at #

    Something about that tiara being slightly off-center just seems so perfect to me… ☺

    • Lesbian Dad June 24, 2011 at #

      It never did stay put, and as soon as we got home it was promptly re-purposed (did I really just use that word? s’pose I did). At six she has a healthy disinterest in “princess culture,” per say. Role playing is fun, for sure, but she’s waaaaaaay more interested in being Hermoine’s friend.

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