Two readers


A match made in heaven.

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  1. GreenFuzzy January 4, 2011 at #

    I try to be a silent observer when it comes to blogs but this picture made me come out from behind the curtain 🙂 I am *grown* but just spent the last five days curled up on my sofa with my dog and wife doing just this. I envy children the free time to lounge and read 😉

    • Lesbian Dad January 5, 2011 at #

      Welcome, GreenFuzzy! I thought those were your shoes were peeking out from under the curtain! What a dreamy vision, five days of curled up reading (mit gal & dog: even dreamier).

  2. Tamara Granger March 14, 2011 at #

    Im still amazed, amazed of how much effect your mother had on you and that you pass it onto your children with the help of the beloved of course 😉 to have two kids, brother and sister, as close are yours are (for now, teen years how knows but for now they seem the best of friends) and that they love to read…yeah no forcing their hands, they love get lost in the wonderful world of books… me encanta la casa de lesbian dad 😉 could you adopt me? 😛 just kidding

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