A timeless classic


You know, I could do without the bustiers and the form-fitting Emma Peel latex suits at this age (hey! I’m talkin’ about my six year-old kid’s self-concept here, people!). Otherwise: Girl Power! A rallying cry that’s always in style.

Equally timeless (though taking new shapes in each era) are the forces of evil against which the supersheroes must crusade. And I ain’t talkin’ the comic book villains. I will print this image and use the snapshot as a bookmark for when I read Peggy Ornstein’s just-published Cinderella Ate My Daughter.  Reviews here, for those who know better than to wait for me to actually read the book and write about it: Mary Elizabeth Williams’, at Salon; Annie Murphy Paul’s, at The New York Times; and Veronica Arreola at her blog Viva La Feminista.

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