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Sunset out our window, Berkeley, CA.

You may find it hard to believe, but honestly, I didn’t tinker with the color on this. No “boost,” no “saturate,” no nothing. Mother Nature’s pulled-taffy splendor, which of course is splendor enough.

Thank you for coming along for this month’s ride. I didn’t always get a picture up each day; a coupla times holiday merry-making backed them up a day and they came tumbling in all in a clump. A violent reaction to my brother-in-law’s lobster risotto threw my posting off another time. But it has been a huge treat for me.

During the first week of the new year I’ll do two compilation posts rounding up LD 2010: one featuring (my idea of) the best prose post per month; another featuring (my idea of) the best photo posts, hopefully way more than a dozen, since I recently figured out how to set pictures to music for a slide show and I want to do that. (For my next trick, I’m going to learn how to shuffle cards!) [Later note: bumped out of the first week and into the second by an important & extended plea for Kickstarter funding for the film Pariah!]

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Wet boy, Sausalito, CA.

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Wet Gate, Sausalito, CA.

Hey! You want this in its large format JPG form, for a screen saver or backdrop? Write me, I give it to you FREE! A special new year’s giftie from me to you.

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