Weekend bonus shot, 08.01.10


Sibling revelry, Berkeley, CA.

[Ed note: we’re off for an ultra-brief and ultra-necessary family getaway, at which I expect no internet access. Thereafter, I’m off to the BlogHer conference in NYC.  I expect much Twittering (brace yerself/apologies in advance), much photograph-taking, and maybe, if I can rig up the laptop in the late-night bathtub, some posting.  Depends on what kind of a night owl my BlogHer bunk-mate and ole chum Vikki is. If you’re BlogHer bound, drop me a line via the contact form here, or easier yet shout out at me via an @LesbianDad Tweet on Twitter (if you have a virtual line of communication there). I’d love to cross paths and give you a bear hug for reading this thing.

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