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Weekend bonus shot, 06.20.10


School’s out ice cream, Albany, CA.

Last year, when the girlie graduated preschool, we came here for a scoop. The place never loses its allure. Or invests in other than Wal-Mart plastic lawn chairs. Or scrubs behind the counter. Or updates the vintage 1980s arcade video games (two of ’em, which I suspect draws at least 50% of the customers, who trickle in at a rate of one or two per hour, tops).

Much to say about the transcendent first year of elementary school, hopefully also the heaven-sent Kindergarten teacher who reached out her hand and guided our girl through it. But this is BABA’S DAY in our family! So I must off to being fêted (and, at the end of the day, to fêing me Pops).

Here’s a link to my timeless BABA’S DAY PROCLAMATION to catch up you newcomers.  To one and all: may the love flow in every direction, today as every day.

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