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For the fairy-curious

For your edification, a few morsels of fairyanna. Where do I get my intel? My daughter, of course, who has recently written a book on the subject. Granted, it’s a very small book. I mean, the pages are about 3″ x 4″.  But they are pages.

Okay maybe it’s more a pamphlet than a book.

My Favorite Disney Fairy Dictionary, like many such works of art, spoke to her. Literally. In a dream. She had a dream about it, and so she had to write it. Fortunately she was able to finish it before dinner. All writers should be so lucky.

I’ve learned a lot from it. For instance, Iridessa is one of her favorite fairies. Of course I had to look her up online. Under “Likes,” the nice folks at Disney tell us that “Dessa” prefers: “Order, order, and more order.”

I could transcribe the whole book here, but I think that would be tedious. Instead, let me just relay some highlights. (Ed note: the spelling is changed to Standard American English, rather than the fairly idiosyncratic, phonetic style my daughter adheres to. And I helped myself to some clarifying punctuation. Also, she didn’t use italics. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t know an italic if it jumped up and bit her in the knee. But she did separate out what she clearly intended as title-ish part on the page, so this is the best I can do.)

•  Girls and Boys A fairy is a girl version of an elf. That means that an elf is a boy version of a fairy.

•  Do you like fairies? I do. Some people are not a fan.

•  Do elves fly? Of course they do. They are the boy version of fairies.  All fairies fly.

•  Are Disney movies real? No, but the characters are.

By far, though, my favorite item is this:

•  Do fairies exist? Do you believe in fairies? My whole family does, that means they do.

Damn straight, babe.

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