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Part four in what just might balloon up to a two-week stroll through the LD photo archives, Copenhagen sub-file. I just couldn’t hold off posting something of the lil’ monkey.  Here, she is doing her darndest to see out from underneath some spiffy hat of mine that has since become lost. As have so, so many that look a great deal like that one.

Here we are in the parking lot at the the grocery store in the north-of-downtown neighborhood my sister and her family was living in that year. Big, big herring selection at the grocery store. Whenever in Scandinavia I have a perverse urge to check the herring section and measure it, so I can go back home and report to goggle-eyed friends who have never been  there and would otherwise dismiss my reportage as yet more hyperbole.

“In mustard sauce! In sour cream-ey looking sauce! In a tomato-ey sauce!  Plain! Smoked! In a tube! You want herring they’ve got it!”

“Does it take up more space than the salsa selections do back here?” they’d ask, brazenly displaying their ignorance.

Way more!”

In non-herring-related news: it’s kind of amazing looking at images of someone so helpless back then — she had this hat down over her head, nearly obscuring her vision of herring, cobblestones, and more, for quite some time before either of us knew it — a person whom you now know to be so hugely self-possessed.  It’s fascinating, really. She was totally in there, back then.  A fairy-obsessed, wise, pun-loving, encyclopedia-reading five year-old, trapped in a language-starved one year old’s body.

Day three roundup of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

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  1. Herrings! I don’t get the fascination either despite being closer geographically and perhaps culturally than yourself.

    Our current favourite holiday destination is a park in Northern Holland- the theme park has wonderful rides for children of all ages. The boys favourite, is a children’s train. We must have spent hours there watching them go round and round (there’s no entrance fee and usually no queue). Right next to the ride is a kiosk that opens at busy times only serving….herrings. I’ve never been tempted to try them myself but have watched the scantily clad women that sell them with bunting on their stall. Fish in plastic trays that are eaten whole!

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