She’s in her red, confused period


At least we don’t have to worry right now about the girlie concealing her true feelings from us.

Yesterday — Day 2 of Kindergarten — they drew a little something at some point. The title of this piece is “Confused Princess,” and she is, as you might imagine, confused. I’d say a tad distressed too, but I don’t want to read too much into it.

What was she confused about? We didn’t get a straight answer about that. Not like it was necessary.

What’s that big figure behind her?

“It’s her shadow, but she doesn’t know what it is. She’s a little bit worried, and a little bit– ‘What’s going on?!'”

[Ed note: adjusted to reflect actual quote which I scribbled down on a piece of paper at the time and didn’t have with me when I posted this initially.]

4 Responses to She’s in her red, confused period

  1. Bionic Brooklynite September 4, 2009 at #

    Oh wow. That is my day, too. (It’s the shadow that makes me so sure.) Maybe we should keep the crayons out, so I can explain myself that well.

  2. alphafemme September 4, 2009 at #

    I *still* have those same conflicting “confused princess” (and maybe even distressed princess) feelings on the first day of ANYTHING big and new and exciting! Wish I could express it as candidly as she does.

    • Lesbian Dad September 4, 2009 at #

      When she’s old enough to understand the copyright issues, I will totally ask whether she’d be willing to license the image for use by her fellow sistren in distress/confusion.

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