Day one: done


Now there will never be another first day of Kindergarten. There may never be another first day of school to match this one.

Brief highlights: Mama did indeed bust out with the waterworks, but only after the girlie filed into the building. School staff were positioned at the door to nab the unrepentant hangers-on. Meaning the parents hanging onto the kids.

The first three days at our school (“our school!” yow!) they do “Balanced Beginnings,” in which the incoming Kindergartneners, grouped into three clumps of around 20, are observed by each of the three Kindergarten teachers and the principal. Then they’re sorted into classes that balance for all the sorts of things that make up a rich, varied, balanced class. For these first three days, our gal is in the green group.

She reported a technical malfunction with one of her lunchbox items, which malfunction — and the inability of the girlie to successfully summon her teacher — resulted in some crying and a brief stint of quiet time with the teacher as she did some lunchtime work in a classroom. Girlie read to herself. Pretty much the best thing she could have spent her lunch doing.

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