Solo walk


A wee anecdote: not much, but all I can muster at the moment, what with all the pre-K doings to do (and savor) these days.

We hauled our family out of bed early — must practice for tomorrow! 8am school bell, yegods! — and rewarded our accomplishment with a special breakfast out.  We chose a local deli where I’ve had many, many a Sunday morning blintz with my mother during my college years. Today marks the sixteenth year she’s been up and about in the ether.  Nothing sweet about this sixteen year-mark, no ma’am, but neither the bitter-sharp infinite darkness it once was.

Eventually, one can almost forget the limp.

After breakfast, the beloved went her way to work, and the kiddles and I went ours, up the street toward a park to while away the morning. The girlie hopped up and walked along this curb. Out of habit, I offered to hold her hand.

To which she said, “No thanks, Baba. I want to do this on my own.”