Imaginary friend list


Noted above are all the girl child’s imaginary friends who live, according to her, “in thin air.”   So many friends! And so many  that are new to me!  Such as, all but two: Mary and Sally. Yeah, so they’re spelled phonetically (better than Phoenicianly! that would be impossible!). If you peer closely you will find Sally and Mary on the second line. More or less.

New to me, also, were their last names! Who knew they had last names? Not me!

“What’s Mary’s last name there, Buttercup?”

“Hockey. She’s Mary Hockey.”

“Right. And Sally? Is her last name Doorknob?”

“No. Her last name is Knob. Her middle name is Door.  Sally. Door. Knob.”


7 Responses to Imaginary friend list

  1. annz August 31, 2009 at #

    I love it!

    But does she address her imaginary friends using their full names?

    • Lesbian Dad August 31, 2009 at #

      Only you, AZ, only you. As is right.

      Thanks; I agree, dykeevolution. The other bonus is, if she wigs out after we’ve cleaned it off, long long before she grows up (this time it was okay, but who knows), there’s always a record somewheres.

  2. dykeevolution August 31, 2009 at #

    This is like the cutest thing, ever. So glad you are taking pictures of this now so she can see when she grows up. <3

  3. ullalauridsen September 1, 2009 at #

    Hm. Could it be that she has grown old enough to pull your leg? 😀

  4. Vikki September 1, 2009 at #

    I think we need a dry erase board!

  5. RaJen September 1, 2009 at #

    love it!

  6. woo222 September 1, 2009 at #

    She is so remarkably creative! I never cease to be amazed by what your girlie comes up with. I love that the imaginary friends live “in thin air.” ~Susan

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