A welcome sign


This note from the girlchild greeted me on the dining table when I walked in the door last night, just after sunset. I was gone four days and three nights, far far away.

“I LOVE YOO BABA AND I OLSO WIHC YOO WR HER.” Or, to the trained eye: “I love you Baba and I also wish you were here.”

More travelogue to follow, after my kissey lips and my huggey arms have caught up with their several days’ kid deficit. I swear their vocabulary doubled and their limbs are twice as long since last I had a good bead on ’em Thursday morning. They grow up so fast.

6 thoughts on “A welcome sign”

  1. Welcome home, it’s nice to have you back.

    It’s humbling that your 4-year old’s handwriting is better than mine. But my spelling is better than hers, for now.

    • Thank you, annz! It’s good to be home. I can’t tell you how sentimental the distinctive undulations of the Sierras made me, from overhead, and the classic summer coastal fog as we descended to the Bay Area, and the sounds of Mandarin and Spanish on the subway ride home.

      And yes, this gal made this note utterly on her own (natch, based on the spelling).

  2. Geez, I teach first graders who can’t spell that well…

    Although, sometimes it’s those very misspellings and backwards letters that really make you feel loved – they’re like a tangible display of a wee one’s willingness to try something they’re not all that great at yet, their eagerness to present their work even if it’s flawed, just to speak to you from the heart. In a world so often over-striving for perfection or bust, I think it doesn’t get much better than that.

  3. It was such a treat to meet you this weekend, you are as lovely in person as you are in your words.

    Going away is a blast, but there is NOTHING like that first hug and kiss when I return home.

    Hope to talk to you soon.

    PS: Look, no longer a lurker!!

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