If at first you don’t succeed

The lil’ monkey brandished this hand-crafted sign in front of us yesterday afternoon.


“I am terrible?!” we each muttered, perplexed. Also, sotto voce to each other: “What probing self-examination she has at such a young age! And so accurate! Though really, she’s only terrible some of the time…”

She noticed that the sign didn’t have its desired effect.  Away she went, and after a time, she came back with this more elaborate, second draft.  With the outfit.


“Tinkerbell! I am Tinkerbell!” Check. Looking forward to the Madame Bovary outfit in another 10-15 yrs.

8 Responses to If at first you don’t succeed

  1. dykeevolution July 14, 2009 at #

    This made me laugh out loud. That’s so great.

  2. alphafemme July 14, 2009 at #

    I hope you keep those… My parents kept many such things of mine, and when I left for college and we started going through all my stuff that’s accumulated over the years, we got some really great belly laughs!

  3. rev2bebt July 15, 2009 at #

    Laughing so much it hurts. So much for self-awareness!

  4. eyejunkie July 15, 2009 at #

    Laughing. Out loud with the others. I’d say you have a future career in graphic design and/or public relations on your hands. A true spin doctor at work!

  5. Vikki July 15, 2009 at #

    This is absolutely hysterical! One of the funniest parts is that neither you nor the beloved rushed to reassure her that she wasn’t, in fact, terrible. This is real life in the parenting trenches!

  6. susan2 July 16, 2009 at #

    This brought such a big smile to my face. Sometimes, words alone just aren’t enough! Totally her baba’s daughter with a flair for the visual.

  7. crazyforher July 22, 2009 at #

    Thanks for sharing! This made me laugh out loud. New to your site – brought here from Fussy.com and actually looking for answers for my 5 year old. She wants to know what it means to be gay and why are people gay? And will she be gay and how does she know? And oh how I love these questions. Ugh! Since I have no close gay friends, I am now falling back on the internet to help me with this discussion. I am not one to brush off such an important question with a silly answer such as “sometimes boys like boys etc”. NO! I am going to find a way to explain in a proper fashion. Any suggestions would be soooo appreciated.

    • Lesbian Dad July 22, 2009 at #

      Welcome! I have a raft of resources and links and whatnot in mind. Currently I’m stiffer than the Tin Woodman from having thrown out my back lifting the other kid (the not-yetliterate, but very much heavy enough to throw out a back kid). Stand by, and I’ll post something here as a comment & also alert you via yer email. Yay Fussy! And Yay the internet! In no time flat you can get yersel some virtual gay friends at least. You got one already.

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