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Auntie’s lovin’ arms, Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center, Berkeley, CA

Auntie Rache was in town this past weekend, and accompanied her niece and nephew to the Asheba show on Sunday.  Pretty near the whole time li’ peanut’s sister was dancing on the dance floor (see photo yesterday), he was happily ensconsed in his Auntie’s lovin’ arms.  

It’s not like he doesn’t love to dance; he’s just still getting his sea legs out in public.  At home, before and after the dance hall excursion, they danced and danced, her holding him all the while (per his request).  Clearly that stayed with him.  This morning, a good 24 hours + after her departure, and with no musical cue to jog his memory, his eyes got that far away look in them and he said, “I like to dance in Auntie Rachel’s arms.”  Atsa my boy.


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