21st of 21


A little mid-marriage equality/LGBT civil rights rally PDA, under the watchful eye of St. Pat’s.  Ahem. [Photo: Cheryl Dumesnil.]

I like to think that love will conquer all. I like to believe that the more of us believe this, the more true it becomes. If we’re not there yet  — love victorious and everlasting; love unconditional; and it’s abundantly evident we’re not — still, I like to believe we’re en route. You have to have the long view.

Meanwhile, love’s healing, conquering power does hold true for me, my beloved, and the family we’ve hatched (with the help of what else? love!).  Sometimes, when push comes to shove — and daggone there’s been a lot of shoving lately — I have to feel that that’ll do.

So endeth a month of photos, or so it was supposed to be (photos only).  As expected, I couldn’t resist sneaking a word or two as accompaniment.  Sometimes it was just a word or two and no photo.  And as expected, I spent most of the month waiting for the other shoe to fall.  Shoe 1 being: the election which removed our constitutionally recognized right to support our family structure with state recognition equivalent to those our heterosexual brothers and sisters enjoy. Shoe 2 being: the Supreme Court’s decision on whether or not this was fair and right.

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