More on Alameda’s Caring Schools Curriculum

Alrighty, so this is quite the non-photo post in the midst of my photo-only post month.  Again, forgive me.  If I could have, I would have included shots of the person wearing the devil costume speaking to the Wednesday Alameda Unified School District school board, testifying as to how all will go to perdition if tolerance for family and gender diversity is included in the school district’s curriculum.  But I’m kind of glad that image is not burned into my brain.

Before I go on, I’ll also note my stakes in the matter: I’m not a resident of Alameda, and my kids will be going to school in neighboring Berkeley Unified.  However, I grew up a stone’s throw from Alameda, over the decades have spent many a “tourist” dollar there, worked a long time for outreach programs looking to improve the college educational prospects of K-12 kids in underserved schools throughout the Bay Area, and am a proud product of the public school system of the East Bay, K-16.  When my high school basketball team got lucky and extended our reach beyond our immediate local competitors, we sometimes played Alameda HS.  Usually lost.  Probably because Rachel Maddow wouldn’t be on our team for another ten years.  Another story.

But: my interest in what’s happening in AUSD — and yours, too — is this: history has shown that right wing anti-gay organizations fight these curricula tooth and nail, and are emboldened by one win to go on to attack them in neighboring school districts.  This AUSD curriculum development process has been a slow, careful one, and it’s wronger than wrong for a busload of zealots from way outside the Bay Area to come and overwhelm a local process. Which is just what happened on Wednesday night.

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Action Alert: REALLY support safe schools in Alameda*

* UPDATE: The venue for the “Carryover” Board meeting has been changed to accomodate what’s expected to be larger crowds.  The Carryover School Board meeting will be held Monday at 6:30pm at Alameda Unified School District’s Kofman Auditorium, 2200 Central Avenue, Alameda, CA.  Google map here.  Peaceful vigil beforehand from 5pm on (see next post for further details).

AUSD School Board President Mike McMahon keeps a well-stocked website and has archived the whole debate here, including links to parents’ groups for and against the curriculum, and testimony heard at the May 12 meeting.  Anyone planning to go who hasn’t already been a part of the safe schools work in AUSD should read up on the matter at the Alameda C.A.R.E. (Community Alliance Resource for Education) website.

I wrote yet more on this later today, here at “More on Alameda’s Caring Schools Curriculum”



Remember earlier in the week — like, Wednesday — I passed along an action alert about a School Board meeting in Alameda (a town in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area)?  Well.  I finally got a report on the meeting, and it seems that the topic of safe schools and anti-bullying curriculum in Alameda indeed got into the crosshairs of right wing activists.

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