7 thoughts on “Waiting for the glitter”

  1. My girl would be very happy to think of life as one big glitter delivery mechanism. I love the sight of your girl in black amid the pink (mine is also into black, although she loves nothing better than a swirly pink tutu to go with the black leotard).

    • Thank you!

      Funny about the picture: I rarely fiddle with images in Photoshop, but I liked this one and didn’t want to not use it just because the other gals in it were visible (I don’t use pictures of people, kids especially, in the private sphere without permission). Blurring it helps focus on the moment, and keep the other kiddles abstract.

      Hope you enjoy what you find here. There’s a lot of nifty folks who are part of the conversation.

  2. I also rarely mess around with my images! Partly because I don’t know how (haha) but also because I just like it to be what it is. It is just a hobby of mine, so maybe if I did it professionally I would feel different. Who knows. But in this case, it’s a perfect time to use it. It really makes your eyes zero in and focus on the main subject : )

    I will be sure to check around at your commenters then … I’ve only recently started blogging so locating people out there who also blog that I can relate to is awesome.

    • I see on your blog that you plan eventually to expand your family to include youngins. When you get closer to that, you have to pay a visit to LesbianFamily.org. It’s a listing of hundreds of — yep, what you’d expect — lesbian family blogs. Talk about locating people out there whom you can relate to.

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