Other days, they take you utterly by surprise


Some days it’s all you can do to hold it together, they’re driving you so nuts, and you step into a nearby room for the quiet opportunity to drop your face in your hands and attempt to recover equanimity before one of them scampers in and bumps the mania/sadism up a notch. Other days, they take you utterly by surprise.

We had a little extra time at one point yesterday — her brother’s nap, we didn’t have to go anywhere just yet. I had been at work at the computer, and the lil’ monkey wandered up. Not so lil’ anymore. I was preparing to foist on her a plan to watch some Jaques Pépin cooking videos which I’d recently found online.  We’d had a dandy time over the weekend happening upon his show on the TV set,  what with “Jaques” being the name we give me when I do the fake French accent, and what with the girlie really hitting her stride lately as a sous chef.  Okay so mostly we make pancakes and biscuits and cookies.  But still.  For the whole show, she insisted I stay in character as Jaques.  We learned a lot.  Thank heavens she has a seemingly photographic memory, because we didn’t have a means to pause the show and scribble down the recipes.  

So there I am, poised at the computer, and she walks up to me ready to play.  I’m prepared to announce that I found more Jaques on the computer, when she says, breathlessly, “Baba, I have an idea!”

“What?!” I am almost certain she is about to say, “Let’s watch another cooking show!”  But instead she says:

“Let’s look at your mama’s violin!  We haven’t done that in a long time!”

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