Some people may always have Paris. We’ll always have sugar cookies.


“You know what I’m trying to do, Baba?”

“What, Punkin?”

“I’m trying to make amazing little details.”

My job: Notice them.

[Hey! And I’m officially a Contributing Editor at BlogHer now! I’ll be posting something for their Cribsheet (“the parenting mannual we wish we all had”) once a month. Here’s my first one, Second Time Around.]

8 thoughts on “Some people may always have Paris. We’ll always have sugar cookies.”

  1. Ha! I’m sure those cookies, though, are tender, lovely, moist cookies!

    Congratulations on adding the BlogHer contributing editor title, and very nice reflection there on the arrival of number two.

  2. Thank you, lizk. We have been doing a lot of baking these days. I can attest that yes, indeed, they are were tender, lovely, & moist. Like my favorite songs. And my favorite… well anyhow.

    Thank you on the BlogHer dealie. Those gals are happenin’ gals, and I’m very glad to be able to spread the good LD gospel amongst ’em. NO unsavory remarks about moistness or tenderness will be forthcoming, because this is a FAMILY blog.

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