Peapod vision


“It looks like an opened leaf, with tiny green raindrops on it,” said the lil’ monkey, as she held the opened snap pea.

When I am running through the short list of why it is that living around growing young people is a really, really wonderful experience — meaning, literally, wonder-full; mostly theirs, and hopefully as much as possible, mine — this kind of stuff ranks very high.  

Basically, they see the world differently than we do.  Thank heavens. Lucky world.

6 thoughts on “Peapod vision”

  1. New eyes. They truly are amazing to be around. I can only wish I was able to record all the stuff that comes out of their mouths for posterity. But maybe we’re not really meant to. The moments flicker in and out of my memory, and seem resistant to becoming part of public record.

    I guess it’s like magic that way – the more you try to hang onto it, the more it slips away.

  2. Thank you, elsophie, and welcome! It’s kind of a chef’s surprise blog these days. Pulling myself out of the Post-8 doldrums in fits and starts. I very much appreciate the time you spend here.

    And wyliekat, your thought puts me to mind of the oft-used visual of the hand holding sand, or water: the tighter one grasps, the more is forced out. Truly, it’s a steady stream of forehead-smacking amazement from these people. One out of every twenty or thirty times, I finally go “I just have to write that down.”

    But it’s also true, we absorb the stuff we can’t or don’t record in a whole ‘nother way. Probably more bodily. I’ll never forget a triple rainbow after a high Sierra summer storm, in a valley it took two days to hike up to. A doe, a buck, and a fawn were grazing on the other side of the wide stream that flowed through the valley, and the triple rainbow — really, truly — ended very near where they were. Didn’t have a camera. Sat there staring for minutes on end, first lamenting my not having the camera, and later, being grateful for what its lack was doing for my memory of the moment.

  3. In a painfully tenuously connected reply – my vision of Lesbian Dad is being challenged by some sort of computer nonsense, which of course I haven’t the slightest understanding of. Or grammar with which to address properly. Um. So yeah – every time I open your blog these days, it kinda freezes, and then starts merrily opening new LD windows ad infinitum, meaning I have to force end Explorer and run away. Don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve had the phenom occur at different computers. So I’m just letting you know, just in case it might be something to do with the site. Of course, now that I’m telling you about it, nothing of the sort is happening. So maybe it’s just me.

    Glad to see you coming back slowly.

  4. O dear Shereen!

    I usually only see this thing on a Mac, via Safari. I understand IE pretty much rejects the entirety of the search box up there, by the way. Pity. It works quite nicely elsewhere.

    But it hasn’t been imploding/ multiplying on me today. Yet. Sounds like a very nasty thing to have happen, and sadly unrepresentative. Since I’ve been the opposite of productive, ad infinitum.

    I was reading Karen Ocamb’s overview of the recent Equality Summit (here, at Bilerico), and felt at least reality checked by her statement “The loss is still visceral, the grief deep.”

    Of course this was among people who worked their arses off for Prop 8. I just worked part of my fingertips off. But still. I’m a sensitive artistic type, what can I say.

  5. Not the same as Shereen, but I’ve had some issues too. I also use IE and it seems that the java bit with the words and Obama is creating some difficulties. I website displays (usually) but wont close. It makes the miscrosoft “Sorry you can’t do that” bump sound.

    As for the photo, what a beautiful perspective. I think maybe the likkle ‘uns see better then us older folk.

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