A well-rounded musical education

While the sun will never completely set on Into the Woods — Sondheim’s in our girl’s blood, I say — a new musical is already in the wings, readying itself for rehearsal and production this fall for the beloved’s youth musical theater company: Fiddler on the Roof.

Since we have a fairly aggressive campaign to see to it that the lil’ peanut acquires appropriate dance skillz (what with him being a future white guy and all), it was a natural that we get us the pop-ragga version of “If I Were A Rich Man,” done by Ms. Gwen Stefani and Ms. Eve Jeffers.  Lately it’s been a daily thing, putting this song on and then shaking the collective tailfeathers.  

(And no, the little tykes are not watching the video: I’m not ready to see them working some of the fly girl moves, even if my own facsimilies thereof may well have been what led the beloved to look me up in the first place. I support that kind of galavanting wholeheartedly, but on people other than my kids, and/or I should say rather when my kids are old enough to write convincing five-paragraph essays about debates in contemporary choreography.  Which for the lil’ girlie, at least, is a few years off.)   

 I knew our plot was working when the lil’ peanut uttered the sentence “Ont-dance” (trans. “I want to dance”) upon hearing the “Rich Girl” tune from another room.  That’s what we’re working for, people.  Ont-dance.  Other artists in frequent rotation: Curtis Mayfield, Parliament, Rick James, The Commodores, Midnight Star.  There is no parking on our dance floor, let’s just put it that way.  

As for the punky-monkey, she has already begun to work some variations on the lyrics.  “I like to say ‘If I were a well-fed girl’ sometimes.  And other times I like to say, ‘If I were a healthy girl.'”  

Either is fine with me.  So long as she doesn’t traipse around in a bra in public when she hits her teen years. 


Haven’t had enough toe-tappin’ musical fun?  Stefani’s version of The Sound of Music’s “Lonely Goatherd,” which keeps us entertained throughout our annual spring Sound of Music puppet show season, is after the jump.  

7 thoughts on “A well-rounded musical education”

  1. When I was little, Fiddler was my #1 all-time favorite thing ever. i still know all the words to all the songs. I *think* I may still have the sheet music.

    Oh, sigh. Oh, the memories.

  2. See now, if you both came to the production (I think early November), you could sing out loud to all the music, Rocky Horror Picture Show-style. Immoralmatriarch to do justice to a maligned score, Mr Lady to take a stroll down memory lane.

    Then martian77 could streak the hall during the intermission (okay, she’d have her bra on).

    A good time would surely be had by all.

  3. Oh, vt! Can you believe the beloved mounted Sweeney a few years ago? It was incredible, really (as are pretty much all of the shows she’s done with these kids around here). But they all pulled it off, extremely complex harmonies and all. Of course the gal who played Pirelli is long since graduated from high school (and most of the rest of the cast, too).

    It’s Les Miz this coming summer, but I’m hoping they take on Sweeney again soon.

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