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We interrupt this parenting blog to crow about a well-placed lesbian television and radio commentator

I don’t even watch television, but a friend has been saying for months, “Don’t you know about Rachel Maddow?! You have to! Brilliant!  Progressive!  Out dyke!  From your home town fer Chrissakes!  On television! Go watch her right this very instant and then report back.”

Sadly, the years of Rachel Maddow’s ascension in broadcasting have more or less paralleled my years either in family crisis or early parenthood or both. So I’d been a bit tuned out. Also, we moved the TV from one room to another about a year or two ago, and managed never to really plug it back in again, beyond hooking up the DVD player. We can’t have the child watching Dottie’s Magic Pockets on my computer here, now can we?

But I succumbed to the peer pressure, checked out Rachel Maddow (pictured at right — see? you think I’m kidding? she’s like, like, like US!), and hot darn was I not disappointed. She reminded me of my smartest chums, laying into [name the topic] with gusto and good humor and insight and research to back it all up. Ah, my peeps.

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This evening the lil’ monkey took umbrage at being interrupted to come to dinner.  She had been spelling her name out over and over, along with sundry other words and non-words.

Baba: Why in the Sam Hill did you just whack Mama?!

Lil’ Monkey: Because I wanted to find some harassing way to get her to let me write some more.

[Note to self: It didn’t work when the little girl did it, so it is likely not to work if I do it.  Even if I have the good sense to whack Mama on the hiney instead.]

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