“I’m gonna need some help.”

Lil’ monkey: I’m gonna need some help with one — no, two — no, three things.

Baba: What’s that, sweetie?

Lil’ monkey [Unfurling stubby little three-year-old fingers, one by one, as she talks]: One, you need to help me put my shirt on. Two, I need help opening the shirt drawer. Three, you need to help me put on my overall dress. And four, I need help pulling it down over my head.

Baba: Do you know how to spell Virgo, honey? Y-O-U.


Lil’ Monkey: Isn’t there a “V” in that?

3 thoughts on ““I’m gonna need some help.””

  1. Yes she did! I was privileged to hear this conversation in person, and I think her actual words were: “Isn’t there a ‘v’ in ‘Virgo’?”

  2. Must corroborate annz. Which is good, since one needs an objective witness for these things. (Objective?!)

    One can only imagine how this will all be manifesting over the years. But I forsee grammar corrections at the dinner table (hers, of our infractions), bookshelves in alpha order (yegods: Library of Congress labels? no. no.). We’ve already seen animal toys grouped a la Noah & his ark-bond crowd. It’s all only a question of time.

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