Can a “hir” talk at BlogHer? We’ll find out!

I'm Geeking Out at BlogHer 08Okay, so I’m not quite so trans-identified as to use the gender-neutral neologism “hir” (as vs. the mutually exclusive dichotemy pronouns “her” or “him”). But it made for a catchy, if slightly confusing post title. And what am I, after all, if not slightly confusing? Also, I was recently reminded of how very different I am, gender-wise, from my beloved, when I overheard her chirp on the phone to a chum: “Hey! Are you overdue for a manicure? Or a pedicure? Because some time just opened up for me and I thought I’d go freshen up my toes.”

For the record — and I apologize in advance for how this might rightly be classified as Grodie Oversharing (as opposed to Lugubrious Oversharing, one of my specialties, or Tasteless Oversharing, which I try studiously to avoid) — for the record, I rarely freshen up my toes. They get special love and attention from me about as often as my head hairs do, which essentially is at such point as I begin to become aware/embarassed about them. Which is a frequency I don’t quite want to share with the reading public, but let’s just say it’s not as frequent as some might like.

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