Three muses


Here’s a fun little primer on the muses (which apparently started off as three, and then became nine). If you can’t wait to noodle around and find it on your own, here’s the site’s page on the Amazons. The whole site is about women in Greek myths.

Alright, alright so these aren’t really the three muses. The artist (lil’ monkey) says this is Cinderella, her Fairy Godmother, and Rapunzel (going clockwise from upper left). FG is recognizable as the one who mugged Kate Hudson’s sunglasses from Almost Famous. Rapunzel looks like she needs to get a bit more sleep. Okay so maybe Baba is projecting.

5 thoughts on “Three muses”

  1. I think that the muse with the blue hair is Thalia, who I always thought was the muse of comedy. In Lil Monkey’s depiction, she’s just had a Lucille Ball-esque pratfall.

  2. Love it!

    I can’t wait ’til the lil’ m is old enough for us to prop ourselves in front of a bunch of Lucille Ball episodes and I can tell her all about whose knee I sat at, learning about women and comedy. I have a postcard “still” from the infamous chocolate factory episode near my desk. Must insert YouTube clip:

    “Let’er roll!”

    And to employ a recently aquired Internetish Acronym, this might be NSFW (“not suitable for work”)! Though on further thought, I actually think it is rather Quite SFW. SF your boss to watch and ponder! Solidarity forever!

  3. Well, it’s refreshing to see that other 3-year olds actually do use colour. Our munchkin is like some latter-day Picasso in her black period. Everything is black: the grass, the sky, the plants, you name it. Cue child therapist?

    Does your munchkin have nightmares about fairytales? We are still reeling from the nightmare spawned by the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.

  4. Damn that wolf. We do get a lot of questions about how big real wolves are, and whether whole people can fit in. I can’t tell you how often I make wholesale substitutions for Actual Fairy Tale plot lines.

    I am tempted to publish my own Heartwarming Fairy Tales: Baba’s Highly Censored Version (or the BHCV). Sure, they’ll hate me when they finally realize how duped they’ve been. But I’ll have staved off misogyny and fear of forests and etc. for a few precious years more.

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