“My hands are not that sassy”

“…but my hips are that sassy.” That’s what she said. Quote, end quote.

She’s been taking to planting her hands on her hips for emphasis. Only three years old here, people. Already feeling her power. I’m just sayin’.

We’re working on her popping her hips in preparation for an upcoming trip to L.A. and an opportunity to demo her style for her Auntie Rache, who is a big appreciator of a well-popped and sassy hip.

And in completely unrelated news, with no sassy angle or references to hands on hips: I have to say Holy Crap and Omygod about what I’m getting from you who have already done the LD Reader Survey! Really. Wow. First off, what an incredible gift, to hear from you. And what I’m hearing is so terribly valuable! I shoulda done this ages ago! Everyone should do this! You! Do this right now! Make up a survey about something that matters dearly to you, and then ask people who participate in that thing to help you do it better! And then: Shazaaam! Power of Isis! Insight and illumination!

I will now refrain from further abuse of the weary exclamation point. It’s just that this has gotten me all exclamatory. If I were the weepy type, it would have gotten me all weepy.

After just one day in effect we are fast upon a statistically significant number of survey responses. That is, if my calculations are correct. A quick, hack brush-up on statistics says I take a conservative number of the unique visitors per day, subtract for the multiple times Chumpy keeps having to log back on to finish reading any given post (don’t laugh, the woman has four frickin’ kids people, half of them twins, I am in awe), and then take 5% of that number. I patiently await correction on my humanities-nerd butchery of the fine art of statisticalness. (Dr. Smart Lesbian?) I’ll just have to figure that the responses represent not all readers, but all readers who’d bother to take a survey about themselves and their reading habits and their thoughts about this blog’s content. Could be the FBI reads daily, but I’ll never hear from them. I’ll just wonder about the unmarked white van in front of our house for months and months, nothing but donuts going in and out.

Soon as it feels like the trickle slows down and the main chunk of feedback is in, I will parse all the goods and provide a proper report back. This constitutes my first snapshot of you all as a community, beyond what is evident via your commentary, and it’s really nifty. You’re really nifty. Meanwhile, I will be digesting and digesting.

Thank you, all of you who’ve checked in and given me feedback. If I could, I’d send each of you a shiny little keychain as a token of my gratitude.

4 thoughts on ““My hands are not that sassy””

  1. Dude. I would’ve just thought “40”. Forty responses.


    Anyway, can’t wait to hear the results. I just did the very same thing in one of my classes — a third-of-the-way-review. But I asked one question that you haven’t asked of us: “What can YOU do to make your experience better?”

    So, I just asked this of myself in the context of reading your blog and I answered: barcalounger and beer.

    That’s it really. That and your lovely stories and I’m good.

  2. Thank you all for taking the time to answer the questions. It is totally fascinating and has blasted open a big hole where my curiosity about who reads this thing used to be. If that makes any sense. It also has been making a huge case for the value of community (online, in this case) and I am already pondering how to foster more of that here.

    And annz: I do think Baba’s belly might be one of her sassier features. Go sassy belly!

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