I am confident that most of the text message-, online-, chat-, IM-, email-, blog-, and newsgroup posting-literate folk among you handily recognized the title to this post as shorthand for “kissing sound.” To what do I owe this confidence? My handy-dandy netlingo reference page, which helps bridge the yawning gap between me, who spent my junior high Algebra class fashioning spitwads or scribbling insulting likenesses of the teacher on spiral-bound notebooks, and everyone else younger than me, who spent their Algebra classes text messaging friends on their smuggled cellphones as they battled incipient Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Now back to the “mwah” (for which an alternate spelling, by the way, seems to be “muah”). I am filled with so much all-purpose gratitude, between all the really rich feedback you’re giving me in the LD Reader Survey, to the dietary coaching on yesterday’s post. I am this close from cobbling togther an LD Reader Appreciation keychain, which I find can be done up for a mere $3 per unit, plus shipping.

I’m batting around various caption ideas. “A mannish lesbian parent somewhere in Northern California really appreciates my virtual camaraderie”? Or perhaps the slightly more succinct, “LD loves me”?

Problem is, any caption seems insufferably self-referential, when all I really want to do is THANK YOU.

7 thoughts on “Mwah!”

  1. I, TOO, WANT A KEYCHAIN!!!!!!!! (please…..:-) By the way, I think this picture sums it all up: Don t sweat the food stuff, she ll do just great!

  2. Why I did not see that strawberry in the lunch box tour? .
    Keychains! Trinkets! I see bumperstickers popping up…”I (heart) el D”, strawberry for a heart…nice kiddy fridge magnet font…yep yep. Or some such goofiness. You can buy magnet sheets and print on them and then cut them up and make your own wordy magnets or anything you want (hint hint). Um, and tattoos too. The world is your marketing oyster.

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