“My hands are not that sassy”

“…but my hips are that sassy.” That’s what she said. Quote, end quote.

She’s been taking to planting her hands on her hips for emphasis. Only three years old here, people. Already feeling her power. I’m just sayin’.

We’re working on her popping her hips in preparation for an upcoming trip to L.A. and an opportunity to demo her style for her Auntie Rache, who is a big appreciator of a well-popped and sassy hip.

And in completely unrelated news, with no sassy angle or references to hands on hips: I have to say Holy Crap and Omygod about what I’m getting from you who have already done the LD Reader Survey! Really. Wow. First off, what an incredible gift, to hear from you. And what I’m hearing is so terribly valuable! I shoulda done this ages ago! Everyone should do this! You! Do this right now! Make up a survey about something that matters dearly to you, and then ask people who participate in that thing to help you do it better! And then: Shazaaam! Power of Isis! Insight and illumination!

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