What’s sadder than missing the Sound of Music once?

Yep: missing it twice.

I received as meager consolation the sense of genuine arrival as a parent, as I watched myself nobly sacrifice my own joy in the best interests of the chlidren. Because their happiness and well-being is my own. The girlie, no longer feverish, went off to see the last Sing-Along Sound of Music screening with the parent she doesn’t have enough time with these days. Even though I’m one who has been muttering “High on a hill was a lonley goatherd” in my sleep for weeks. Ole dime-a-dozen, familiar as the wallpaper, primary caregiver Baba.

And alas, there was no leaving the little brudder behind with a babysitter. He simply couldn’t resist (a) getting the sister’s cold, and (b) topping her version of it — which featured fever, congestion, and sleeplessness — with that thing that only babies do so well, the cough-induced hurl. Hourly. It was a job fit for a parent.

Above: When The Bee Stings gets her nose wiped by her lovey-dovey Auntie R, before forging out.

The beloved caved into my whimpering and took the camera along to help me see what kind of fun they got up to, which included a raucous and highly participatory theater filled with as many adults as kids, and a costume contest. Our intrepid first-time movie-goer was among the youngest there that day, and I believe the only one masquerading as a member of the insect order Hymenoptera.

Of course the filmic highlights included “Doe, a Deer,” and kids traipsing around in damask curtains (pictured above). At least Maria, unlike Carol Burnett’s Scarlett O’Hara, had the good sense to remove the curtain rod before dressing the kids (yes, that link’s none other than the famed Gone With the Wind sketch — watch for three and a half minutes to get to the legendary moment, and be rewarded with prime time sketch comedy genius).

At the end of the first act, there were proper good-byes (pictured above). And one act was enough for our little bee, since the whole shebang was ever so stimulating, and the full bloom of her health was only just returning to her.

So long, farewell, I’ll watch the film next year. By then, I’m sure, it’s sure to still be dear.

7 thoughts on “What’s sadder than missing the Sound of Music once?”

  1. I know it wouldn’t be the same (I’ve been to the one at the Castro and I really do understand) …. but I wonder if we east bay dwellers could convince the Parkway or El Cerrito to show this for a baby brigade night?

  2. Smart thinking, Robin! As the TV Batman used to say to his “ward.” That is one cheery thought. And how ’bout they make it a double bill with Mary Poppins? My only dilemma would be how to keep the kiddle(s) from climbing the curtains over the course of the night. But I’m there, man.

  3. 4 hospital admissions and a baptism!….is sadder I think.

    In true life imitates art fashion 3 & 4 also started to sniffle and cough when your two started. Sadly though they just kept on going and 4 got admitted to the paediatric ward with bronchiolitis. Not content to be breast-feeding-twin-roomy, 3 acquired bona fide patient status by developing both bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

    Despite tremendous brinkmanship on 4s part involving oxygen and feeding tubes both babes were discharged 12 hours in advance of their baptism. Though 3 needed readmission 12 hours after. Needless to say, having missed out on feeding tube before, both feeding tube and oxygen were needed. This stay overlapped with a planned orthopaedic admission hence the quartet of hospital admissions.

    On account of 2 we are past masters at missing things. We have had to cancel so many things in the past: birthdays, holidays, it is a standing joke with our close friends that in the run up to any prearanged important event someone will become ill.

    To paraphrase wifey’s comments about the surgery- at least I got a sleep! And now with everyone discharged home to recuperate I just have to pick my entertainment. I’m on crutches….so I can’t do normal duties…..my discharge information says rest and elevate leg…..haven’t watched any films for ages…..never usually have time for TV. What should I watch after The Sound of Music??

  4. Yegods! O woe is you! All umpteen of you!

    Wow! That is sooooooooo much sadder than my missing Dame Julie on the big screen! I vow now, whenever I begin to feel sorry for myself, to think of four hospital admissions and a baptism. Heavens to murgatroids.

    Mary Poppins is of course the first thing I think of to follow up Sound of Music. (If you can bear to listen to Dick Van Dyke’s “accent,” which sounds far more like a speech impediment — Elmer Fudd comes to mind — than an accent. But I digress.) Of course Dame Julie had already filmed MP before she filmed SoM (lots of people like acronyms, especially for Events and Things, so I thought I might try here). Got the Academy Award for MP, actually, mid-SoM! Mebbe you knew that.

    What other movies to watch whilst you’re laid up? Kid-friendly, in case 1, 2, 3, or 4 burst in mid-screening? Mmmm. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? I forget whether we’re subjected to Van Dyke’s Elmer Fudd version of Cockney. We haven’t gotten past Mary Poppins yet.

    I’ll keep thinking.

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