Lesbian Dad

I like to call this “Family, as seen by Kafka”

(Or Giacometti? What is it with kids and Giacometti?)

The lil’ monkey was having her way with the white board the other morning.

She made what she called a picture of “the whole family.” Her little bro is the red one with the curly hair. Mama’s in the middle. Her head is nearly nonexistent, but oh, oh what a voluptuous body. Hmm, what’s that about? Head: irrelevant; body: fleshed out? Hmm. And Baba. Baba’s the thing that looks like a quizzical, blue, Praying Mantis. A blue Praying Mantis with movie producer Brian Grazer’s hair.

The artist at work. Here she’s putting the finishing touches on another version of Baba, after she re-did the picture to include herself (as green cyclops).

(Yawns.) “My work here is done, people.”

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