V is for visibility

ABC A Family Alphabet Book, by Bobbie Combs (illustrated by Desiree Keane and Brian Rappa), may or may not currently be in the shorthairs of the would-be censors. But it’s a great book. Not like the plot surprises — it’s the alphabet, after all; we know where it’s headed. But the quiet appearance and reappearance of two-mom- and two-dad-headed families keeps us picking it up again and again. (“O is for overalls. I always wear my overalls when my dads take us to the playground.”)

The first time the beloved read it with the lil’ monkey, she got teary after just a few pages. The beloved, that is. Our girlie just liked the illustrations.

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  1. MaMaMia October 3, 2007 at #

    We like this one too. The illustrations are a bit more obvious than the “1 2 3 a Family Counting Book.”

  2. rreagler October 4, 2007 at #

    My kids like this book too. But they don’t get teary unless one whacks the other on the head with the book. Hard.

  3. Reno October 4, 2007 at #

    Thanks! I’m going to order a few copies from my local bookstore, assuming they don’t already have it for me to buy on the spot.


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    […] I STINK!!! 26 October 2007 Filed under: family — Att @ 10.38 pm Almost a month ago, LesbianDad posted about a children’s ABC book called ABC A Family Alphabet Book. Ever since I read the post I wanted the book. Because JT doesn’t understand, really, that there are OTHER kids with two moms or kids with two dads. His idea of familial structure is that every kid should have a mom and a dad, and any other extra parent is a step parent. I wanted to steer him away from this. So this book was perfect. […]

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