Pippi Longstocking meets Cyndi Lauper

This was not a braid-off between Baba and Mama, with Baba clearly on the left (the losing side), and Mama on the right (the winning side). No, the lil’ monkey simply wanted only one side braided. The asymmetrical is back.

Anyone else wanting a kindred spirit in braiding angst will be well-rewarded by Harlyn Aizley’s meditation on braids and tights.

1 thought on “Pippi Longstocking meets Cyndi Lauper”

  1. OH MY LORD, I remember those days. Being the braidee, that is. My poor mother. I was quite a perfectionist about said braids, and ponytails and so on…I preferred them so tight they gave me a headache and otherwise entirely flawless, natch.

    Dance classes were fun years, too, as we had to have french braids every year for the shows. It takes an unbelievable amount of skill. Gosh, why didn’t I cut my hair earlier?

    Cheers to the asymmetrical! A very creative look.

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