My little girl’s growing up

(Or, Monkey develops what my sister affectionately calls “Husband Hearing”)

Baba: Okay, sweetie, it’ time to get ready for bed!

Monkey (in a petulant tone): Nnnnnnnnnnnno!

Baba: Now why would you be cranky like that? When I’m being all gracious and civilized.

Monkey: My feeling is that I don’t hear so well.

Baba: Oh really?

Monkey: Yeah. Like my ears are clogged or something.

2 Responses to My little girl’s growing up

  1. Vikki October 30, 2007 at #

    The best part of the whole sentence is, “My feeling is that…” Hilarious.

  2. directorgrrl October 30, 2007 at #

    yep i wish i could come up with that very evolved, detached perspective in moments like that. wow.

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