10 thoughts on “Three down…”

  1. Thank you, Vikki! Our friends’ priceless gift, the beloved’s nine-months-and-a-day’s hard work, and the lil’ monkey’s triumph. With an assist by Baba.

    Three years later I am still slack-jawed with amazement at it all. Go, humanity!

  2. I love how you count like she’s gonna live a 100th years… i feel that some american parents (at least most of them portray on the media) they DO parenthood as if it had 18 year contract, past that due date when because of american society makes it possible the child goes to college or to work or wherever…so having that time line of 18=independente=adulthood sometimes cause children to develop early…thats why the teen years seem so hard because the parent is think “ohh my god I can wait until he/she goes to colle” and the kid is thinking “2 more years and they dont let me do anything!”
    dont be scare maybe it is a perception…like being parent is over at certain age…when being a dad, mom or baba is never over.

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