At the penguin tank (2)

Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco.

Does this look like a two year old to you? Yeah, well that was soooo three days ago. ‘Cause now she’s soooo three.

[And Happy New Year, people! May 5768 be a good year for you.]

3 Responses to At the penguin tank (2)

  1. snail September 12, 2007 at #

    L’shanah tovah to you too. 😉

    (And what a coincidence, my birthday was three days ago–I love September, always lots of birthdays and beginnings.)

    And dude, those shoes? Totally say “I’m three. Going on four.”

  2. Shannon September 12, 2007 at #

    I love the perspective, her sneaks in the foreground are so cute 🙂


  1. Three years old, a ripe age indeed « virgotext - September 12, 2007

    […] Many happy returns to The Li’l Monkey, a kiddo that’s clearly going places. […]

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