Overheard (1)

Scene: Little Monkey is tucked into a room taking care of “business” in her diaper. Downstairs Girl Cousin enters, and squats down next to her.

LM: I’m having privacy.

DGC: Can we have have privacy together?

LM: Privacy is when you are by yourself.

4 Responses to Overheard (1)

  1. RaJen August 27, 2007 at #

    My partner and I have the same conversation with “business”, albeit without the diaper or the squatting. Did I just admit to that OUT LOUD?

  2. Trista August 28, 2007 at #

    that’s so funny. Julia asks for “privacy” too and then she shoves us out the bathroom door and shuts it on us.

  3. LesbianDad August 28, 2007 at #

    Yes, and our chum LookyDaddy gets tampoons thrust upon him. [Spelling of feminine hygene product per F. Zappa, in “Flakes.” Looky for yourself, second-to-last stanza. If stanzas they be.]

  4. LookyDaddy August 28, 2007 at #

    Sheik Yerbouti has got to be the finest Zappa album ever. And “Flakes” is what I used to perfect my Dylan impersonation. I’ll sing it for you sometime.

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